The old school days of Pac Man have given way to the Game Engine technology of today, which can render amazing VR, AR, and mixed reality experiences in real time. This is changing the way we create and perceive reality beyond the world of gaming. Pushing the boundaries of cinematic, narrative storytelling enables audiences to interact in real time with characters and environments – and even influence the outcomes of stories. At The Near Future event hosted by The Internet & Television Association (NCTA) and CableLabs, Tim Dodd – SVP of Corporate Development and Strategy at Technicolor – shows how Game Engines is creating and accelerating new possibilities. In an exciting demonstration – with help from Wyatt Savarese of Technicolor’s The Mill – Dodd reveals a mixed reality Chevrolet ad created in Epic’s Unreal Engine. Pushing the limits of real-time rendering and visual effects combined with live-action filmmaking, it’s a race to the finish between the Camaro ZL1 and a concept car that doesn’t even exist yet.