The Technicolor Experience Center’s (TEC) Artists-in-Residency program is an exclusive program that allows artists specializing in different mediums and backgrounds to flourish in the immersive sphere. The program provides artists with access to the most innovative tools, latest technologies, and guidance from top-notch talent to help bring their visions to life.

In addition to artists in the entertainment community, we also invite technology, hardware, and business experts in fields as diverse as retail, automotive, beauty, architecture and beyond to get involved in the Artists-in-Residency program to help build up the supply side of the immersive media sector. The many prospective applications of immersive media are endless!

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*Please note that all submissions will be explored for suitability, however due to limited space and resources, we will not be able to accept all applicants into this program.

Featured Artists-in-Residency Projects

Milica Zec, Winslow Porter

Tree VR

Tree VR is an immersive experience that transforms users from tiny seedling to majestic rainforest tree. After providing resources for production and development, the TEC currently hosts a fully-equipped installation space for Tree VR, and provides replenishments of messaging and technical elements to keep it fully optimized. Additionally, the Sound Lab at Technicolor team provided final sound mix to heighten the immersive experience.

Melissa Painter

MOVE Studio

MOVE Studio transports the viewer scene-by-scene as the fluid poetry of dance and art meets the explosive power of competitive sport. Basic movements push the limits of gravity, one of the accomplishments achieved utilizing the latest motion capture services and other resources at the TEC.

Commissioned by Microsoft and available on Windows Mixed Reality. 

Jonathan Zawada


As one of the first Artists-in-Residency, Zawada received guidance from creatives and thought leaders at the TEC, and access to the technology and resources to create Futureclassic – with an accelerated technical learning curve that allowed him to explore the creative potential of immersive media.

Partners Explore the New Frontier of Immersive Media

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TEC Program Opens New Doors for Creatives

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